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Produce your own Hypochlorous acid disinfectant at the touch of a button… Non-toxic and Eco-friendly

Save an average of $1,000 per operatory annually.  See how

Eliminate the use of traditional chemical disinfectants and single-use plastic wipes.
Quickly disinfect surgeries between patient visits.
Sanitize hard surfaces and fog your communal areas.
Conveniently disinfect your dental waterlines.
Dental Chairs Treated
Dental Hospital Installations

Covid Kill

Second Contact Time

cfu/ml <

Ultra Clean Dental Water

Protect Your Patients, Staff and Business

Dentaqua is a water-based solution containing a combination of hypochlorous acid and short-lived reactive oxygen species.

As a general purpose disinfectant, it that can be applied using spray bottles or a Dentaqua fogging system for rapid air and environmental disinfection.

Safe and all natural, Dentaqua is peer-reviewed and proven to be non-toxic to human epithelial cells.

Features and Benefits

Client Testimonials

Dr. Anne O'Donnell

Dr. Anne O'Donnell discusses Dentaqua and the many benefits seen by her dental practice

Dr. Robert Marus

Dr Robert Marus discusses Dentaqua's hypochlorous disinfection and environmental fogging system.

Dr. Tony P. Vertongen

Experience does make a difference and Dr. Tony P. Vertongen has been practicing dentistry in Bay Area since 1986.  Hear what Dr. Vertongen has to say about Dentaqua …

Some of our valued Clients

  • Fill Fogger with concentrate Ecasol
  • Fog the room generously until hard surfaces show viable moisture. 
  • Remove all visible contamination from surface using a damp cloth
  • Apply Ecasol to surface using spray dispenser and wipe down 
  • Fill the dental chair bottle 
  • Attach bottle to the chair 
  • Use throughout the day 

The world’s most effective dental water line disinfection system

Residual disinfection – no routine shock dosing required.
Removes biofilm.
Proven 100% safe.
Non-corrosive – does not affect composite bond strength.
Significant cost savings.
Provides a data trail on usage for quality assurance and liability purposes.
Independently peer-reviewed – performance and safety.
Maintains waterlines within 10 cfu/ml.

Save up to $4K annually based on 4 operatories

Typical Savings per practice$
Repair costs-hand pieces & connectors720
Waterline disinfection chemicals1,040
Staff costs1,000
Pre-treated water (RO or sterile)800
Equipment repair costs due to corrosion caused by chemicals/biofilm1440
Disinfection chemicals & wipes 1,000
Totals 6000
Dentaqua costs ($219per month)2,686
Net savings annually $3,214

The Dentaqua Difference

Dentaqua produces activated hypochlorous acid (HOCI) plus short-lived reactive oxygen species (ROS), always at neutral pH and with an extremely low residual chloride content. The combination of activated HOCl and ROS give Dentaqua a level of performance and microbial control well above that of other disinfection technologies.

Our patented control system ensures that your disinfectant is accurately within specification each and every time. It converts chloride 10x better than any other hypochlorous technology. Our longest running systems are now over ten years in the field and long term clinical studies have proven that Dentaqua is compatible with dental equipment and does not affect composite bond strength.

Dentaqua is not just a device, but rather a system that helps you achieve a far higher standard of infection control and minimize chemical disinfectant use and exposure generally within your practice.

With each Dentaqua device, you receive a complimentary handheld, low-micron ‘fogger’ enabling you to quickly disinfect surgeries between patient visits and fog disinfect your communal areas.

You also receive a complimentary supply of high-quality refillable spray bottles, which when used, say, in combination with biodegradable paper towels, will eliminate the need for you to buy expensive and environmentally unsustainable plastic-laden disinfectant wipes.

Disinfectant produced and each dental water bottle filled is time stamped and logged, and data is accessible via our web access platform for your convenience.

Your Dentaqua supply also includes all consumables required for the operation of your device. We provide 24 hour technical and disinfectant-use support and, in the very unlikely event that your device stops operating, a replacement device will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

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About Dentaqua

Dentaqua is passionate about protecting people from microbiological infection. We develop and manufacture the world’s most advanced devices for the in-situ production of hypochlorous acid plus short-lived reactive oxygen species. Dentaqua’s unique disinfectant is highly effective at very low concentrations and contact times, yet is a non-toxic and eco-friendly solution. With the only precursors being water and a proprietary salt additive, at the touch of a button, our technology produces all of your general disinfectant, environmental decontamination and water-related disinfection needs.

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