Protect Your Patients, Staff and Business

One Device, Many Uses…

Dentaqua is a water-based solution containing a combination of hypochlorous acid and short-lived reactive oxygen species.

As a general purpose disinfectant, it that can be applied using spray bottles or a Dentaqua fogging system for rapid air and environmental disinfection.

Safe and all natural, Dentaqua is peer-reviewed and proven to be non-toxic to human epithelial cells


Dental Chairs Treated


Dental School Installations

Covid Kill


Second Contact Time

cfu/ml <


Ultra Clean Dental Water

Highly effective, non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfectant generated at the touch of a button

Eliminate the use of traditional chemical disinfectants and single-use plastic wipes.

Quickly disinfect surgeries between patient visits.

Sanitize hard surfaces and fog your communal areas.

Conveniently disinfect your dental waterlines.

Generates Ecasol, a hypochlorous acid plus short-lived reactive oxygen solution from water and proprietary salt – all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about chemical exposure.

Separate ‘dental water bottle’ function dilutes and fills dental water bottles in <10 seconds – so you never have to measure, mix or wait.

App-based automatic record keeping – minimising your manual record keeping.

Remote device monitoring that auto-orders consumable salt – so you never run out.

Novel hypochlorous production accuracy and neutral pH control – so your disinfectant is within specification each and every time.

10x better chloride conversion than any other hypochlorous technology – proven non-corrosive in long term clinical studies and does not affect composite bond strength.

Discreet size (16”x15½”x8”) and plug-and-play, can sit counter-top or be wall-mounted – so you’ll have no problem finding a place for it.

All for a fully-bundled price of $197 per month with no hidden costs – enabling you to save thousands of dollars annually and minimise your chemical and disinfectant wipes purchases.

The Dentaqua Difference

Competitor products, while known to kill microbes in suspension, do not adequately eliminate the underlying problem of microbial biofilm, the source contamination in dental waterlines.  As such the problem remains unresolved.

Today, Dentaqua is the only product that has been independently peer-reviewed to maintain dental waterline safety in long-term clinical settings.

Protect your patients, staff and business.

· Residual disinfection – no routine shock dosing required

· Removes biofilm

· Proven 100% safe

· Automated and simple to use

· Non-corrosive  – does not affect composite bond strength

· Significant cost savings

· Provides a data trail on usage for quality assurance and liability purposes

· Independently peer-reviewed  – performance and safety

· Maintains waterlines within 10 cfu/ml

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    Protect you patients, staff and business.