Find out how you can save your practice $1,000 per operatory P/A

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Hello, we would like to invite you to a free Demo of our new Dentaqua Device.
This Demo will show you the three Applications of Dentaqua in your Dental Office:

- Surface Disinfection
- Environmental Fogging
- Dental Water Line Disinfection

This is a practical demonstration showing ease of use and how the system will save you money.

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Save up to $4K annually based on 4 operatories

Typical Savings per practice$
Repair costs-hand pieces & connectors720
Waterline disinfection chemicals1,040
Staff costs1,000
Pre-treated water (RO or sterile)800
Equipment repair costs due to corrosion caused by chemicals/biofilm1440
Disinfection chemicals & wipes 1,000
Totals 6000
Dentaqua costs ($219per month)2,686
Net savings annually $3,214
Client Testimonial Dr Robert Marus

About Dentaqua

Dentaqua is passionate about protecting people from microbiological infection. We develop and manufacture the world’s most advanced devices for the in-situ production of hypochlorous acid plus short-lived reactive oxygen species. Dentaqua’s unique disinfectant is highly effective at very low concentrations and contact times, yet is a non-toxic and eco-friendly solution. With the only precursors being water and a proprietary salt additive, at the touch of a button, our technology produces all of your general disinfectant, environmental decontamination and water-related disinfection needs.

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