Cost savings
and wipes reduction

Do you know that you can save thousands by switching to the latest disinfection technology on the market?

Do you know that an average dental practice pays for and disposes of over 50,000 single use plastic wipes every year?  

Taking their insights into disinfection costs from hundreds of dental practices, Dentaqua has a lunched a costs savings and wipes reduction calculator where you can calculate your own savings.

The average dental practice spends many thousand annually on disinfectants.  These include disinfectant wipes, daily waterline treatment, weekly waterline shock-dose disinfectants, impression and general immersion disinfectant, hand sanitisers and more.  

The costs associated with dental disinfectants are difficult to calculate. Disinfectant purchases are within invoices that include all other supplies. Moreover, the frequency of purchases and volumes involved often make it impossible to collate accurately. 

There are many indirect costs associated with disinfection, such as the time  required for water bottle preparation and waterlines shock-dosing. Also, costings rarely account for inadequately performing disinfectants, such costs include equipment or component failures associated with poorly maintained waterlines. 

Dentaqua’s cost savings calculator has two simple options;

The user inputs the number of dental chairs in their practice. A quick calculation, with line-item costs shown, is produced. This is based upon Dentaqua’s research across hundreds of dental practices. 

Option two allows the user to input their own specific line-item costs, where known, for a calculation specific to their practice.   

Rising inflation and higher shipping and supply chain costs have lifted the prices of a range of consumable products used in dentistry. The Dentaqua cost savings calculator can enable you to see for yourself that, by adopting Dentaqua, you can save thousands for your practice annually.  Moreover, you can cement those costs savings for years to come. 

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